The Verdict of Growth

Rupi Kaur recently published Home Body, a short book filled with beautiful poems. One of them in particular spoke to me:    now that you are free    and the only obligation you are under    is your own dreams    what will you do    with your time Every decision that we make, take, and forsake resembles who we are. Not just as a […]

Discovering oneself in times of corona

The welfare of the world is no longer something natural. The pandemic affects all nations and humanity is facing a very difficult period. You are managing despite this dark moment to find balance and inner peace within your home and family. You are managing despite everything, feeling blessed, you are confident in the future, yes, all this is possible to […]

Culture shock: Challenges Step by step guide

The beginning!Living outside your country of origin is the end of the world as you know it until then. And the beginning of an exciting adventure!According to some theories, the desire to explore new places may be a genetic inheritance from our nomadic ancestors. It certainly brings a different way of seeing the world and enriches us a lot … […]